Upcoming Adventure

Hello Friends!

As the days come closer, I feel a mixture of anxious and exciting feelings overwhelming my body. At the end of the month, I will be taking off on a Month and a half journey migrating north for the Summer to Alaska, working with Alaska Mountain Guides as a Rock Climbing and Zip Line Guide. It’s starting to feel real as I start to go through my possessions,  figuring the essential but minimal items I can live off of while on the road. During my trip north, I will be taking a month and a half to make my way to Skagway. I plan on doing as much adventuring in this time as possible. Hitting up place for Mountain Biking, Snowboarding and of course, Climbing. On my next post I’ll include a rough outline of where I’ll be going so you can follow me in my travels and hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with some friends along the way!

This photo was taken this past weekend on a trip out to Joshua Tree with my good friend Mateo. Waking up in the desert seeing the sky blasted with color always starts the day off on the right foot. The weekend consisted of perfect temps, great fun and tons of sending. We worked together on Illusion Dweller which is a mega classic in the park, upon our first climbing trip to the park together almost a year ago, we tried to get it however, we both cruxed out at the top. We had to hike around to the top, set up a rappelle, and practice our king swing technique as we cleaned the route (this line happens to be an 80′ diagonal line so cleaning the gear out of the crack was tricky!). Allas, this time around we both got a clean lead up this beautiful test piece, really one for the books!!


edit: If you look closely in the picture on the formation on the right, you can see why the eye gets its name 😉


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