What’s in my Rack?

I’ve helped friends in building up their rack, and I take pride in how my rack has been built up over the coarse of the past few years. Interested in what I use? I decided to sort through my gear and make a list what I have accumulated.

Backpack – Mammut Neon Gear – with rope bag and chalk saver bag

Cams – Metolius 00, 0 and 1. Single Rack from Black Diamond Camalots .3 – 5 (Doubles in 1, Triples in 2, Ultralight 3). Single Rack from Black Diamond X4’s .3 – .75. All with Neutrino Carabiners

Stopper Set #4 – #13

12 Black Diamond Hoodwire Quickdraws

10 Alpine Draws

70 meter 9.8 Mammut Eternity Dry Bi-patterned Rope (Her name is Roxy)

40 Meter 9.5 Mammut Infinity Project (80m cut in half and split with a friend)

3 Double length Runners, 3 Single length Runners, 2 20ft Cordalette 7mm, 2 Prusik loops

Black Diamond Solution Harness (Super comfy for long days on the wall)

Gri Gri and Black Diamond ATC Guide

La Sportiva TC Pros, Muiras, Mythos and some old school shoes a coworker gave me (I have used other shoes besides La Sportiva but have found my personal preference for fit and quality to be La Sportiva)

Static Chalk bag with Friction Lab Chalk

Insulated gloves for belay/rappel

HELMET! Don’t forget that 🙂


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