Vegas Bound

The past 24 hours feel some what frantic, checking off my to do list, making sure the car can actually hold all the necessary items while still having room to live, and actually getting in the car and leaving. With San Diego in my review, (I only had to circle back home once to grab my spare set of keys for the RAV) we made our way to Las Vegas in one push, arriving to the Grandparents house just in time for dinner. It feels great to be at my uncles, with a full belly from a home cooked meal, and keeping warm under the blankets in the guest bedroom. The road trip has started, my mind seems to have finally quieted down, allowing focus to be drawn to the next few days that Carol and I plan on spending in Red Rock Canyon National Park.

Saying goodbye to my Dad, Brother, and all the critters was a strange yet familiar feeling. Much like the goodbyes to my friends and acquaintances  over the past few weeks, I know it’s not forever, I know as much as I’m going to miss them (maybe they’ll miss me too) I’ll be seeing them sooner rather than later. This is never a goodbye, simply just a little ta-ta for now. It’s exciting to know that my Dad and Brother are starting to plan their summer trip to Alaska to come visit, given the ability to see what all this talk is about.

I’m keeping this one short, because I am tired and it’s been a long few days. Tomorrow we are planning on climbing at Calico Basin and see where the day takes us from there.  unnamed-6.jpg


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