Follow Karen…I mean the Carins…

A highlight of mine when I’m trying to find a path, descending off a climb, or just hiking around, is when I find a Carin.

Carin’s are a pile of rocks that someone stacks to create a type of marker for others to reference when on a trail.

Karen happens to be my mothers name.

My mother was strong throughout her battle with Breast Cancer, which unfortunately ended in 2005, when she lost her 11 year war. She radiated happiness, putting my family before anything else, giving me and my brother opportunities of exploration from road trips across the US, to living out of a pop up camper for a month while traveling the beaches of Baja California. She introduced me to the outdoors and imbedded a deep love and appreciation that has gotten me to where I am today.

I know that my mom is still with me today. I feel her when I least expect it but somehow always know that it’s her, right there, by my side, with me.

Sometimes I don’t know what to believe, I fear what I am doing is wrong. I am afraid of the what ifs, maybe’s, and missing out on passing opportunities.

The other day, Carol and I took a photo. We looked at it and both felt it, we both knew even though words were not spoken, she embraced me and i could feel it throughout my body. I don’t know what you may believe, and frankly I don’t care. This is where I need to be, and I’m so happy knowing you’ll always be here with me.



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