Family is Forever

Starting off the trip with a family visit was refreshing. I was able to catch up on missed time with the Grandparents and Uncle Rick, eating home cooked meals, hanging out at home, and visiting the Bellagio to enjoy the gardens and people watch, exchanging laughs as I was carded 4 different times by the staff when we walked around the card tables.

Every time I visit family, I learn something new about myself. From where my family comes from, to stories of my mother, but my favorite, being the memories that come up in our random conversation. Memories that I can recount, or even better ones that bring us back to a different time.

Generations before us are wise beyond our years, having experienced a lot through their time, they give us different perspectives on how we may see things. Going about our lives is very different, sometimes even foreign to the other person trying to understand. The past few days I have had such refreshing conversations, always giving new thoughts to what I am doing and what my plan of action entails if things don’t go according to plan. When things don’t go the way one foresee’s it, it opens a new world of possibilities some negative, some positive, all growing you in whatever way you embrace the change.

We have control over what actions we do upon ourselves and others, however we never have control over what others do onto us, or what actions happen to us. Through our actions we can be positive or negative, happy or sad, angry or mean. It’s all up to you.

It may be easy for some of us to see clearly while others feel as if we are blind, deaf or even dumbfounded by the changes in life and how we are supposed to embrace them whole heartedly or with just a grain of salt. Life is what you make it, so why not live it to the fullest?

Enjoy every moment. Smile like there is no tomorrow. Tell those people you love them. Cry when you feel the urge. Dance like no one is watching. Laugh even when no one thinks it’s funny. Be who you want to be.

Don’t hold back on what you believe in, scream it from the top of your lungs. Pursue your wildest dreams, and please keep me updated on the stories!


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