Zion National Park

I picked up my friend Graham from the Las Vegas Airport last Sunday morning with our sights set on Utah. We made our way to Zion National Park to stretch our legs while hiking to Angels Landing. The wind that day was fierce, quite literally taking our breath away as we enjoyed the views of the valley.


We hopped back on the bus to continue the scenic drive around the park getting off briefly to check out the trail head for the narrows. As the sun started setting in the park, we made our way back to the RAV in search for a camping spot for the night. With the next adventure taking us to Moab, we decided to drive out of the park a little ways to ease the distance for the next day.

Heading out of the park we found a KOA campground in Cedar City, were able to pull into to make camp for the night. It had been dusting snow periodically throughout the drive while the temperature started to drop sending a chill factor across the campground. We whipped up some Chili Mac n’ Cheese, cracked a beer and cheers’ed to a successful day.

Feeling the weather around us, we voted against pitching a tent and tried to squeeze into my sleeping set up in the back of my RAV4 (This was made to fit me, 5’4″ comfortable…not necessarily for anyone bigger, let alone 2 people). Some how we made it work and boy were we happy about that decision when we awoke.

The campground was covered with a nice layer of snow, including my car with frost and ice on the window. Thankfully my Brother had gifted me a sweet window scraper to free us from the cold and move forward with our day to get coffee and a snack before making moves to Moab.

Pleasantly surprised, we found ourself at a small coffee shop called 21 Eleven, which clearly not just another coffee shop. They are locally owned creating an amazing community through local projects and global initiatives.

With caffein fueling our bodies and excitement pumping through our veins, we made our way to the beautiful desert of Moab.


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