Wall Street Climbing

Our first day in Moab, we met up with my good friend Sarah, who I originally befriended on a Study Abroad program called Semester at Sea. Sarah currently lives in Moab with her boyfriends Brad during their offseason as firefighters for the National Forrest Services. After joining up at her house, we headed straight to the local climbing at Wall Street.

Wall Street is quite literally a 10 minute drive (if that) outside of Moab with pretty stellar climbing right off the road side. We got on 30 Seconds Over Potash and Lucy in the Sky with Potash.


It was a day of relaxing and reconnecting with good friends as we were joined up with some Outward Bound friends of Grahams, Lauren and Lisa. We even had the pleasure of running into my friend and fellow Mesa Rim coworker, Parker who had been traveling for the past 3 months on his well deserved vacation before moving to Reno to help start the new Mesa Rim Location.

The day ended with a quick trip down the road to look at some of the old petroglyphs that decorated the sandstone.



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