Two Weeks in the Creek

Now, that seems like a long time, but let me tell you…I wish time could be endless in a place like this. The Creek has taught me a great deal about my limits, new technical skills both on and off the rock (from the rock itself or people I encountered along the way), while  showing me so many things that I have forgotten over time. Things are coming to me more naturally, happiness seems to be something that surrounds my day with ease rather than trying to pursue it.

Looking out at Original Meat wall right around Sunset from Second Meat Wall.

Climbing continues to humble me, in showing me what I need to work on, in teaching me new lessons, and making me come face to face with split decisions that either are super crucial or simply pass by like a leaf in the wind.

Spending so much time in the Creek, I saw different sides of the weather and the people that flocked along the 9 mile stretch of road that branched off, twisting paths through the cattle grazing pastures.  The very first day as Sarah, Graham and myself turned down the windy road, snow covered both sides of the creek creating a beautiful blanket adding contrast to the vibrant red of the rocks. Working through to our last day searching for the little bit of shade we could find and tearing off the layers once the suns rays reached our bodies. Watching the plains turn from dirt brown into green as the land prepares itself for it’s upcoming bloom. How I wish I could stay here for longer, getting stronger as the intricacy of rock started to feel like an old friend against my skin. It only took me a few weeks but I feel like I have a better understanding of the Sandstone desert which differs only slightly from my beloved Joshua Tree Granite.

Putting up Evening Ecstasy (5.9)

I was able to hop on quite a few classics, while becoming aquatinted with the many different walls that make up Indian Creek. Climbs from Generic Crack, Incredible Hand Crack and Super Crack of the Desert to some of my favorites including Coyne Crack and Scarface. Everything was hard and made me work for what I wanted and it was all just so good!!! The fire has been lit and I’m excited to look back on these experiences and write more as I’m able to reflect how to put my experiences to words.

Sarah enjoying lemonade while lounging in the hammock as the sun sets over the horizon.

I’ll be heading to Colorado tomorrow morning, making the drive through Arches National Park before stoping in Vail for the day. I’m hoping to run into more family in the next few days and reconnect with old friends.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Daniel Kay says:

    I’m headed to the creek for the first time next week! Can’t wait

    1. jessielyse says:

      It’s amazing!!! Let me know if you would like any pointers on crags to check out 🙂

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