Time In Colorado

Colorado has been a change of pace for the past few days. I first arrived Carbondale making my way over to Bonfire Coffee, some climbers may find this oddly familiar due to it’s promotion through the Enormocast (if you haven’t heard of either, I highly recommend both). Enjoying my coffee and Banana Bread, I sat outside the shop doodling my most recent mandala as a gimp rides up on her bike with a full knee (almost leg) brace, hobbling off the bike determined to get her coffee.

This gals name is Jess, a ski bum who recently tore her ACL with a surgery date set out a few weeks down the road. The doctor told her she could exercise using a stationary bike, we joked that the bike she rode is just like a stationary bike, with the exception that it allows her to get from point a to point b. We conversed for a bit about adventures ahead with our awesome outdoor recreation career paths while I waited for my new friend Mike, whom I had met the previous week at Indian Creek.

Once Mike arrived, he threw down the local guidebook, as we started to make a plan of action for the rest of our day. We had planned on climbing in an area called the Narrows. The crags were nestled amongst trees and steep slopes making up the hillside. The climbing was fun, giving a little variation making the transition back into sport climbing. We climbed at The Watchtower Wall, taking the lead on Night School (5.8), the 5.9 to the right of that one, and Little Robots in Your Pants (5.10b/c).

The sun started to set so we called it a day. Upon walking back to the car we couldn’t decide on what the next step was. To eat now before making moves to Eagle, or to hit up one of the local Breweries when we got to Eagle…or even just go back to Mikes place and cook up some food. We decided to make our way out, but in needing to stop and get gas, I just so happened to stop in the right gas station where the super bomb.com Nepal Restaurant so we decided it was fate and went in to grab a bite. It was amazing, we had just enough to satisfy our hunger and make it back to Eagle to spend time working on a giant crossword puzzle before bed.

The next morning we awoke, made coffee, had a super amazing yoga session followed by 20 minutes of meditation on the balcony continued with a stroll through town to check out Mike’s workplace, Color Coffee Roasters. I said my farewell and continued my way through Colorado finding myself avoiding a major accident on I-70 to get to Golden for another half day of climbing.

I am excited for the next few days to be spending here in Colorado. Spending the last day full of family time was just what was needed to fill my heart with love and help boost me up with excitement and inspiration. Hiking up the Incline with my cousin Victoria, Dinner with the rest of her family, then spending the night with my Great Aunt Ann, Uncle Stan and Cousin Kathy. Now I am in Boulder at Ozo Coffee Roasters, awaiting my good friend Matt to go mountain bike the local trails.


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