Days in Boulder

The past few days I’ve been traveling around Colorado visiting Colorado Springs and Denver to get my fill of catch up time with different sides of the family. My heart feels full of love and laughter surprising everyone and catching them up in my current state of adventure. I have been making it a point to reconnect with family on this trip knowing that the importance of family is high on my priority list. Listing to stories of how their lives are transforming, reminiscing on memories of our past, creating new moments to remember for the lifetime in front of us. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family that continues to support my crazy decisions in this world I call my life.

My RAV-twin and new adventure buddy, Wes.

Boulder has been a pretty cool spot to hang out in for a few days, trying to figure out the next moves in how I am going to get my RAV4 back to the west coast. I’ve gone mountain biking with my good friend Matt, who I used to work with at Mesa Rim a few years ago. Climbed on top of a handful of Flatirons with a new friend Nick, my climbing partner Clémence introduced me to. I even got to climb in Eldorado canyon this morning with a new friend Wes, who I met after talking to some rad people at Ozo Coffee Roasters. I’m happy with the decision to ‘wing it’ while being here on the Front Range and see what opportunities open up. I think I might even be able to get some days in on the slopes to put my snowboard to use!

Nick topping out of one of the many peaks on the Flatirons 

I knew that I would love it here in Boulder, but I’m surprised by the hospitality of new friends and the continual inspiration to go out and be active. My car fits in here, blending in with the assortment of vehicles decorated with roof top storage boxes, bike racks and many that are also converted into homes on wheels. It’s that vagabond lifestyle, that continual pursuit for adventure.



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