Endless Opportunities to get Outside!

The past week or so I haven’t made time or had much inspiration to write. I’ve been keeping busy making new adventure buddies while reconnecting with family and friends. Running from Eagle to Boulder to Colorado Springs then Denver and back to Boulder and surround areas. Taking on adventures consisting of climbing, mountain biking, enjoying local coffee, climbing, hiking/scrambling, snowboarding and before I leave tomorrow, more climbing.

Boulder is definitely on the top of my list for favorite cities, with a never ending list of fun outdoor activities to participate in. I feel weird just sitting around trying to write something on my computer when I know I just want to go to sleep so I can be well rested for the day that lies ahead of me.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Boulder Canyon to climb with Wes again and a new friend Corey too. We’re going to get on a climb that none of us have done, and it’s apperantly an ultra classic (you’ll have to keep posted to see what it is).

My bed is calling me so here are a few photos from this past week.

Matt shredding down the trails at Heil Valley Ranch
View of the Boulder from the top of a Flatiron.
Parking lot at Winter Park

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