Our First go at Smith Rock

Getting into Smith Rock late Monday Night, I was happily greeted by Leslie, who had got to camp just a few hours prior. We chatted for a split second while I assembled my items to set up camp (No camping in the RAV this go around, it’s strictly enforced at the Smith Rock Bivvy). She had warned me about a lingering cough that had been following her since she had gotten over a cold the week prior but we knew this wouldn’t stop us from getting after it on the rocks. She helped me put my tent together and then we proceeded to pass out for a much needed nights rest.

Leslie stoked on all of the climbs

Waking up in the Bivvy is pretty awesome and something I can definitely get used to. With the sound of running water from the river that wraps around the rock formations to the honking of the geese accompanied by other song birds, it’s pretty delightful. Rubbing the sleep from our eyes I set up the kitchen and got to work on coffee and breakfast. We took our time making sure we had everything needed for our first day of climbing. Locking up our cars, we headed down the trail and into the land where American Sport Climbing began.

Leslie trying the first moves on To Bolt or not to Be

We got on a handful of classics checking out The Christian Brothers Wall, The Dihedrals and Morning Glory Wall. Getting to see people climb on Chain Reaction and To Bolt or not to Be, pretty inspiring. I would highly recommend all of the climbs we did, consisting of the following: Bunny Face (5.7), Helium Woman (5.9), Captain Xenolith (10b), 5 Gallon Buckets (5.8) and The Outsiders (5.9). All great introductions to Smith Rock if ya ask me.


I’m really excited to see what the week ahead has in store for us!!!


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