PNW for the Win!

For how long I have been in Washington, I really didn’t have anything planned out. I connected with my friend Sara who invited me to tag along on some of her adventures for a few days. With Smith Rock in the review, I bid a dew to the crew and made my way North. It’s been nice to have someone who is stoked to show me around the the local spots and check out climbing, hiking and really whatever was presented in the moment of decision making. The first day we went to hike Mount Si, where we worked on skiing down the trail in our hiking shoes and communicating with the birds, followed by a climb sesh at The Seattle Bouldering Project.

Sara and I on top of Mount Si

Climbing at a gym after a month on the road was really fun, the community there was great and I had a blast working on problems with the other climbers. I tried a tread wall for the first time and ate some food at their small cafe, picking out an assortment of beers to share in the parking lot with fellow van dwellers of the night.

We had decided to take Sara’s Van and do a mini road trip for the following days heading to Index and Leavenworth meeting friends along the way accompanied with good climbing. We worked on some multipitch climbs getting efficient with our systems and having a fantastic time. Sara got to hop on a climb she had been working on for a while called Classic Crack, pushing herself on lead and getting battle wounds in the process.

Sara and Vanilla

You don’t have to be constantly pushing grades to ‘push’ yourself. We had both been in a funk so the only expectation we set out for ourselves was to have fun. And you bet cha we sure as hell did!


We stayed in Leavenworth for two nights at our friend Matty’s new house singing songs and making delicious meals. The energy was high and it was great to wind down after a full few days of adventures. Humbled by the surrounding musicians, it felt great being able to sing along to songs while creating a beat on whatever drum I could make up.

Heading back to Seattle through the rain, the beauty of the land forming through low clouds creating a surreal feeling of being in a very distant land. We regrouped at Sara’s house making food and repacking the car to head into Seattle for the night.

In every place I come to visit, I see a completely different perspective of what each city has to offer. Without holding onto expectations, I have been able to say yes to any plan that sounds appealing, taking me to some really fun places. Washington has proved to be a pretty stellar place to reside for the time being, although Canada seems to be beckoning me awaiting my arrival.

One could say my nerves are catching up to me, as the countdown dwindles down into single digits for work to start up in Alaska. I plan on leaving next Wednesday to do the 33 hour drive north, keeping my fingers crossed that I might have a companion to keep me company for the long ride. Either way, the nerves are definitely underlined with excitement for I really have no idea what to expect for the rest of the adventure that lies ahead.

Emmett and Sara enjoying an evening on the beach.

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