Squamtown Loving

Whistler has been amazing the past two days. Hitting the slops with fresh powder feeling as if I’m floating or even riding a wave back in San Diego. The conditions were amazing, at least at the top of the mountain. A few runs blinded by white out conditions but that quickly changing to amazing semi-clear skies making way for amazing long runs giggling all the way down.

Seeing this place in a different light, as a winter wonderland is quite a special treat and something I have been wanting to experience for a few years now, ever since I discovered this beautiful land 4 years ago when my friend Cody encouraged me to tag along on their trip up to BC for Crankworx. I was immediately hooked, as we drove along the Sea to Sky highway, were I got my first glance at the Chief, falling in love with the land, the people, the energy, everything in it’s being, everything in my being summoning me back for more adventures and to find my heart awaiting me year after year.

My stay here this go around is short, only a few days trying to make the most of it working around the weather, which at this time of year is usually consistently raining.

We had fresh snow the past two days and this morning I woke up to rain on my roof top after falling asleep in the parking lot under the chief. The skies have started to clear which means it’s time to leave Zephyr Cafe and go adventure, going on a hike then possibly climb or meet up with friends in Vancouver.

Here are some photos to hold you over, I know it’s not much but hey, Adventure Calls, I have to go answer.

Last night as the moon rose over the Chief
Driving into Squamish

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