My name is Jessica Olson, although many friends know me as JO. I started climbing in College during my time in Arizona, when some friends took me out for my first time to our local spot, Mount Lemmon. I took a year hiatus to travel around the world on a program called Semester at Sea brining a whole new love for travel and cultures. Moving back to the states, I became involved at my local climbing gym, Mesa Rim in San Diego, which really sparked my love for climbing. After 3 years growing as a Setter and Youth Coach, I am ready for a different type of adventure, taking me on a 6 month road trip as I start my migration north to Skagway, Alaska where I will be guiding for the 2017 summer season.


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  1. Judy Traynor says:

    You might remember me.? Im a friend of your dads .i knew your mom too.
    I walked with you.
    Im following you and I LOVE your spirit.
    Good luck. Have fun. Keep climbing.
    Luv y

    1. jessielyse says:

      Great to hear from you Judy! Thank you so much for your support!!

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